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Kroot Carnivore SquadFREE SHIPPING -Kroot Carnivore squads are the most common auxiliaries serving alongside the Tau armies. Kroot squads often contain the powerful Krootox or vicious Kroot Hounds.
Pathfinder Shas'uiFREE SHIPPING -
Tau BattleforceFREE SHIPPING -This battleforce provides a great selection of models and is an ideal way to start a Tau Empire army or to bolster an existing force.
Tau Crisis Battlesuit ComFREE SHIPPING -
Tau Devilfish TransportFREE SHIPPING -The Devilfish is the workhorse of the Tau ground forces and is able to cary twelve warriors into battle. Armed with a fearsome burst cannon, it can even act as mobile fire support for the squad.
Tau Empire CodexFREE SHIPPING -The Tau are a young, dynamic race, with highly advanced weaponry and technology. Their Empire is underpinned by the notion that, it is only right and noble for the individual to set aside their own desires to work together for the greater good of the Tau as a whole.
Tau Ethereal CasteFREE SHIPPING -
Tau Fire Warrior TeamFREE SHIPPING -The Fire caste are the warriors of the Tau. It is their duty of to protect the other castes. Selective breeding has led to them being the biggest and strongest of the Tau and these Fire Warriors form the core of any Tau army.
Tau Hammerhead GunshipFREE SHIPPING -
Tau PathfindersFREE SHIPPING -
Tau Pathfinders w/Rail RiFREE SHIPPING -
Tau Piranha Light SkimmerFREE SHIPPING -The Piranha is a lightly armoured vehicle used by the Tau in a range of capacities, including rapid response, support of pathfinder teams and even as battlefield transport for high-ranking dignitaries.
Tau Sky Ray Missle Defence GunshipFREE SHIPPING -
Tau Sniper Drone TeamFREE SHIPPING -
Tau Vespid StingwingsFREE SHIPPING -
Tau Vespid StingwingsFREE SHIPPING -
Tau XV25 Stealth ArmourFREE SHIPPING -Equipped with the latest XV25 Stealth Armour these troops are the 'lone wolves' of the Tau army, operating independently of other formations.
Tau XV8 Crisis Battle SuitFREE SHIPPING -Those Fire warriors who prove themselves in battle earn the right to wear a battlesuit and bear the name of Shas'ui.
XV88 Broadside BattlesuitFREE SHIPPING -
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