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Skaven Deathmaster SnikchFREE SHIPPING - Shrouded in legend, Deathmaster Snikch is a figure of dread speculation, a rumour of sudden death. Snikch is Clan Eshin's most deadly killer, a master of murder and sabotage. In battle he is a shadow able to appear at will and he is the last thing many leaders see before joining the countless warlords, princes and notables who have already fallen before the matchless assassin.
Skaven Grey SeerFREE SHIPPING -
Skaven Ikit Claw
Skaven Screaming Bell/Plague Furnace
Skaven Tretch Craventail
Skaven Warlock EngineerFREE SHIPPING -
Skaven WarlordFREE SHIPPING -
Skaven Warlord Queek HeadFREE SHIPPING - Queek Headtaker is legendary among the Skaven for his vicious streak, vitriolic temper and the terrible violence he unleashes on any in his way. Queek has perfected a furious windmill style of attack, fighting simultaneously with Dwarf Gouger and a barbed sword - slashing, puncturing, and snapping with his razor-sharp teeth.
Skaven Warlord Spinetail
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