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Monkey Lab

Monkey Lab

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Monkey Lab
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Monkey Lab Board Game Alderac Entertainment Group

It’s after midnight and the scientists are all gone. The lab is empty except for a lone security guard and a small group of brave monkeys willing to go back into the lab and save their friends.

Monkey Lab is a strategy game where players control one of four monkeys working to release other monkeys from lab cages. Set up is fast and game play is a breeze. Reveal a cage, find out how to open the lock, and free the monkeys inside. Be careful because the other monkeys are trying to do the same thing and they might alert the guard or steal your items. Be the Monkey with the most rescued friends at the end of the game and you’re the winner. Each tile is different and no two labs are the same twice.

Monkey Lab is a competitive, cooperative game with an addictive re-play value (at the AEG offices). We think this simple little game will surprise you.

Easy to play, difficult to master
Free the most monkeys or just be around to accept the thanks
More strategy than you would expect from a game about monkeys
Cooperative scoring opportunities

Ages 12+, 2 - 4 players, 40 Minutes
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