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Fire & Water

Fire & Water

Fire & Water
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Fire & Water Dungeon Twister

The Arch-Mage's gnomes have been hard at work! Digging deep
into the earth, they've learned how to deal with lava and the
fury of underground rivers, so that their Master can now create
deadlier dungeons. Not everyone will survive such a perilous place. It
will only come to a few exceptional beings: the Acrobat, the Barbarian,
the Courtesan, the Elementals of Fire & Water, the Magophage, the
Prophet, and the Telekineticist. They are all going to be confronted
by the Arch-Mage's crazy nightmare, built by hordes of his industrial slaves.


1 ruleboock
8 rooms
2 starting zones
2 set of tokens with 8 characteres and 6 items
4 neutral tokens
2 set of 8 cardboards characteres and their plastic bases
Extra broken bridge tokens
2 goodies

About: 45 minutes
Age: 11 years and up
For: 2 players
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