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Tide of Iron

Tide of Iron

Tide of Iron
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Tide of Iron Board Game Fantasy Flight Games

Epic WWII Squad-Level Combat

TIDE OF IRON is the definitive board game of WWII squad-level combat, for 2-4 players. With streamlined, scenario-driven gameplay and an attention to historic detail, TIDE OF IRON is sure to delight every fan of tactical, historical wargaming.

This TIDE OF IRON base game focuses on the American and German armies in Northern Europe in the years 1944 and 1945. Each game is played as a single scenario, either chosen from the included scenario guide or created by the players themselves, over a map constructed from modular, double-sided game boards and terrain overlays. The game play is fast-paced, smooth, and surprisingly deep, as players must take and hold vital objectives on the game board and decide how best to use each and every unit under their command.

TIDE OF IRON includes:

1 Rulebook
1 Scenario Guide
216 Plastic Figures, consisting of:
54 American Regular Infantry
12 American Elite Infantry
6 American Officers
6 American Mortar Crews
6 American Machine Gun Crews
12 M4A1 Sherman Tanks
6 M3A1 Half-Tracks
6 GMC CCKW 353 Transport Trucks
54 German Regular Infantry
12 German Elite Infantry
6 German Infantry Officers
6 German Mortar Crews
6 German Machine Gun Crews
6 Panzer IV Tanks
6 Tiger I Tanks
6 SdKfz 251 Half-Tracks
6 Opel Blitz Transport Trucks
48 Squad Bases
12 Light Grey German Bases
12 Dark Grey German Bases
12 Light Green American Bases
12 Dark Green American Bases
2 Player Reference Sheets
12 Map Boards
23 Map Overlay Pieces
14 Black Attack Dice
6 Red Defense Dice
1 Round Track
1 Round Marker
1 American Victory Point Marker
1 German Victory Point Marker
110 Cards, consisting of:
90 Strategy Cards
18 Operations Cards
1 American Initiative Card
1 German Initiative Card
1 Initiative Token
88 Activation Tokens
32 Damage Tokens
36 Condition Tokens
6 Anti-Tank Specialization Tokens
6 Engineer Specialization Tokens
6 Flamethrower Specialization Tokens
6 Medic Specialization Tokens
6 Victory Objective Markers
8 American Command Objective Markers (various values)
8 German Command Objective Markers (various values)
8 Neutral Command Objective Markers (various values)
8 American Control Markers
8 German Control Markers
51 Command Tokens (in 1s and 5s)
4 American Concealed Squad Markers
4 German Concealed Squad Markers
8 American Transport Markers
8 German Transport Markers
8 American Off-Board Indicator Tokens (numbered 1-8)
8 German Off-Board Indicator Tokens (numbered 1-8)
38 Fortification, Obstacle, and Cover Markers, consisting of:
12 Double-Sided Pillbox/Entrenchment Markers
14 Double-Sided Tank Trap/Razor Wire Markers
6 Smoke Markers
6 Minefield Markers
1 Target Token
1 North Directional Marker
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