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Tribune Expansion

Tribune Expansion

Scheduled to be Available November 2009
Tribune Expansion
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Tribune Expansion Board Game Fantasy Flight Games

Ancient Rome quakes as the rivalries between the various powerful Houses of play out in the streets and Senate. Take on the role of a powerful Roman family and claim the seat of power by becoming the Tribune!

In the Tribune Expansion for the game of power and influence in Ancient Rome, a wealth of new options are added to enhance your Tribune (TR01) experience. Foremost amongst these is the new role of the Brutii player – representing an old and powerful house of Rome, who were resourceful, ruthless, and devious in equal measure – which adds a new layer of intrigue and excitement to this game. This expansion also includes a new, expanded game board with unique locations, slaves, assassins, and victory conditions. The new components and mechanics are easily incorporated into the Tribune base game. The base game (see below) is necessary to play this expansion!

A fading Republic...

Hear me, people of Rome! The time of the Senate is gone. I am fed up with old men, filled with corruption and weakness. They waste all the rightfully earned riches of our Empire. I want to speak about a man who is different, a man who wants to change things. This man served bravely for many years to spread the glory of the people of Rome. Now he is here to bring justice upon those old men. I say, let us cast aside this republic! I say, let us declare this man to be the leader of this wonderful city and this powerful nation! I say, let us call him Emperor!

The Tribune Expansion adds several all-new elements to the Tribune base game. Try to earn the favor of the Emperor, become well known as a patron for your mercy towards the slaves, or gain hold of high offices in the administration of Rome. However, beware of those around you who will stop at nothing to secure their own ambitions.

This expansion also adds a new faction to Tribune, which allows for a game of up to six players. The Brutii are an old and noble family who work in the shadows of Rome to accumulate influence and plot to take the reigns of power.

An expansion for 2-6 players.

The Tribune base Game is needed to play this Expansion.

Tribune Expansion includes:
• 1 Game board
• 1 Rulebook
• 10 "Favor of the Emperor" Tokens
• 6 Bruti Tokens
• 6 Patron Tokens
• 5 Offices tiles
• 23 Coin Tokens
• new Victory Conditions
• 15 Slave Cards
• 3 Assassin Cards
• 12 Brutii Cards
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