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Warrior Knights

Warrior Knights

Warrior Knights
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Warrior Knights Board Game Fantasy Flight Games

Warrior Knights is a game of medieval diplomacy, politics, and war. It is playable by 2-6 players in 2-4 hours. A re-design of the 1985 classic, this edition features modernized, streamlined mechanics and gorgeous, high-quality components. Dozens of detailed plastic figures are complemented by a linen-finshed gameboard and cardboard components.

Warrior Knights includes:
1 Rulebook (24 pages)
1 Game Board
24 Plastic Nobles (in 6 colors)
24 Plastic Cities
6 Stronghold Cards
24 Noble Cards
36 Event Cards
45 Agenda Cards
66 Mercenary Troop Cards
24 Regular Troops Cards (4 per Baron)
80 Action Cards (12 per Baron and 8 Neutral)
78 Crown Tokens (in 1s and 5s)
40 Vote Tokens (in 1s and 3s)
36 Faith Tokens
40 Influence Tokens (in 1s,3s,and 5s)
28 Casualty Tokens (in 1s and 2s)
21 Breach Tokens (double-sided, in 1s and 2s)
48 Baron Markers (8 for each Baron)
3 Expedition Markers
12 Siege Markers
72 Control Markers (12 for each Baron)
6 Stronghold Tokens (1 per Baron)
1 Chairman of the Assembly Token
1 Head of the Church Token
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