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Descent: Well of Darkness Expansion

Descent: Well of Darkness Expansion

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Descent: Well of Darkness Expansion
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Descent: Well of Darkness Expansion

An Ancient Threat Rears Its Head Once More ...

Deep in the bowels of the world, there lies a chasm that was sealed over a millenium ago. Within it lies a force of evil so great that, were it to be unleashed, it would plunge the world into a thousand years of darkness.

Before you can face that challenge, however, you'll battle your way through dank tunnels, trapped temples, and even volcanoes to prove your worth. You'll face a host of new tricks, traps, and other lethal obstacles over the course of your quest, including scything blades, rolling boulders, and boiling hot lava.

Descent: the Well of Darkness features six new heroes, tricky kobolds, bloodsucking ferrox, and unstoppable golems. Heroes will find more skill and treasures at their disposal, including six new relics and a new type of potion. The Overlord, on the other hand, gains the ability to customize his deck before every game, putting in devastating new trap, event, and spawn cards.

Descent: the Well of Darkness includes:

• Over 30 plastic models, including 3 new monster types and six new heroes!
• New traps, including scything blades, dart fields, lightning bolts, and the dreaded giant boulder!
• New hero abilities of all sorts, including a new familiar!
• Brand new quests, more dangerous than can be believed!
• Six new relics!
• A new type of potion!
• New customizable Overlord deck rules make the evil more treacherous than ever before!
• New treasures!
• More dungeon tiles make for even larger dungeons!
• Nine new quests with never-before-seen peril!
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