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Runebound 2nd Edition Midnight Expansion

Runebound 2nd Edition Midnight Expansion

Runebound 2nd Edition Midnight Expansion
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Runebound 2nd Edition Midnight Expansion Fantasy Flight Games


In the world of Midnight, evil rules the land and the last, brave heroes strive against terrible odds. The gods of light have been sealed off from their mortal children. Only Izrador, the Shadow in the North, a deity of evil and corruption, answers prayers now. His Night Kings have conquered the lands of men, and his limitless armies of orcs and other fourl creatures assault the last free lands of the elves and dwarves.

Welcome to RUNEBOUND: Midnight, a full-size expansion for the bestselling RUNEBOUND fantasy adventure board game based on the critically acclaimed MIDNIGHT roleplaying game setting. MIDNIGHT offers RUNEBOUND players a completely new style of gameplay, including different victory conditions and a cooperative play element. It pits one player as the Night King against the combined forces of the other Heroes. Can this band of rebels destroy the black mirrors before the Shadow conquers all?

This Runebound expansion melds the fun and exciting Runebound rules with the award-winning fan-favorite Midnight setting. The hero players must join forces to try to stop the rise to power of one of the Night Kings of the dark god Izrador. Best of all, the Night King is not merely a game mechanic ... it is another player! The Night King player can affect the outcomes of battles, send Challenges across the board to hunt down the heroes, and manipulate environmental effects. The heroes must infiltrate the Night King's strongholds and destroy his black mirrors, the source of Izrador's power. Meanwhile, each time a hero must escape or is knocked out, there is a chance that the threat level will rise. When the threat level reaches 10, the Night King unleashes all of his forces on Eredane, wiping out the heroes and any who stand in his way! This expansion adds an unprecedented level of player interaction to the Runebound play experience.

Midnight features a gorgeous new board overlay, 132 new cards, eight new Hero figures, and tiles to represent each of the villainous Night Kings.


Game Board Overlay
Rule Book
72 Adventure Cards
8 Hero Cards
8 Hero Figures
4 Night King Tiles
1 Threat Tile with Marker Tokens
8 Black Mirror Counters
4 Replacement Adventure Jewels
52 Market Item Cards
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