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Runebound 2nd Edition Sands of Al-Kalim Expansion

Runebound 2nd Edition Sands of Al-Kalim Expansion

Runebound 2nd Edition Sands of Al-Kalim Expansion
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Runebound 2nd Edition Sands of Al-Kalim Expansion Board Game Fantasy Flight Games

There is a legendary land, a place long lost. It is as much a dream as it is an actual time and place. Many have attempted to find it once more, but like a mirage in the desert, it has forever eluded them, remaining tantalizingly on the horizon. It is a harsh place of blowing sands and dangerous creatures, of beautiful cities and alien magics. It is the land of Al-Kalim!

You play a brave explorer who has found the key to this hidden realm. Now the only question that remains is whether you will forge your own entry in the "Ninety-Nine Tales of Al-Kalim," becoming an immortal hero, or whether you too will be buried by the sands of time and obscurity. Rather than drawing Encounters and Event cards that describe a set story, this expansion allows the heroes to tell their own tales! Surely they will have to face legendary challenges, but along the way, will they explore mystic locales? Or will they recruit courageous companions, tame mighty mounts, or craft powerful runes? The tale is in the heroes' hands, and only they can decide how best to fulfill their own destinies.

Sands of Al-Kalim features a gorgoues new board overlay, 110 new cards, six new Hero figures, and an entirely new type of card: Legendary Quests.

Game Board Overlay
Rule Book
56 Adventure Cards
25 Legendary Cards
23 Ally Cards
6 Hero Cards
6 Hero Figures
6 Quest Tiles
3 Lost City Tiles
1 Sandstorm Count

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