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How to Paint Citadel Tanks

How to Paint Citadel Tanks

How to Paint Citadel Tanks
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How to Paint Citadel Tanks

This latest Citadel hobby manual is a complete guide to assembling and painting the vehicles of the 41st Millennium, from the sleek, advanced grav-tanks of the Eldar, to the lumbering war machines of the Imperial Guard.

How to Paint Citadel Tanks is a 96-page book crammed with the combined knowledge of the Studio’s treadhead contingent. The techniques presented in the book have been developed by experts of modelling and painting, giving you comprehensive advice on widely used methods, as well as contributing personal tips and secrets gleaned from years of experience. From veterans to first-time Rhino builders, this tome has everything you need to get the most out of your tank kits.
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