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Ogre Kingdoms Army Book

Ogre Kingdoms Army Book

Ogre Kingdoms Army Book
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Ogre Kingdoms Army Book

Far to the east of the old world within the craggy valleys and cave networks or the Mountains of Mourn, lie the Ogre Kingdoms. For the first time these brutish monsters have begun to foray into the outside world, no longer in groups of two or three but in their hundreds. Ogres believe that might, makes right, excelling at eating and fighting. An Ogre Kingdoms army is a massive, blunt instrument that smashes into enemy lines with the force of a ton of bricks.

This 80-page Warhammer Armies Book contains all the rules you'll need to field a Ogre Kingdoms army, as well as detailed background information, bestiary, accompanying artwork and 'Eavy Metal showcase.

You will need a copy of Warhammer to use the contents of this book.
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