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GK - Grey Knight Daemonhost 1

GK - Grey Knight Daemonhost 1

GK - Grey Knight Daemonhost 1
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A Daemonhost is a Warp spirit bound by rite and ceremony to the body of a mortal man. Daemonhosts given licence in this manner are terrifying combatants, able to manifest all manner of otherworldly abilities in their master's service. These daemonic powers will manifest themselves in a myriad of different ways, be they astonishing speed, grasping Warp tendrils or, on occasion, a blast of raw Warp energy. Whatever ability the Daemonhost chooses to use, it will always cause catastrophic carnage, with the Daemon revelling in the destruction, despite its captive state.

This blister pack contains one Grey Knight Daemonhost and one 25mm round slotted base.
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