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Krumble Board Game Mayfair Games

A run toward safety for 3-6 brave adventurers of 8 years and over. In the deep jungle archeologists finally find the ancient pyramid they are looking for. Inside, they find the magical idols, the key to finding the lost treasure! But the builders of the pyramid have not left their secrets unprotected. The earth starts shaking! Falling rocks are everywhere! The pyramid is collapsing! It is time to run! To the exit! To the exit!

Object of the game:
In Krumble! the object is for each player to run out of the falling pyramid. Players must try to keep idols with them and reach the vehicle to escape from the area. They will use all their characteristics to reach the exit and the winner will be the player less damaged amongst the survivors. And if an adventurer is smashed by the falling rocks? He will start to play as a Guardian Ghost!

• Players: 3-6
• Ages: 8+
• Playing Time: 45 min
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