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Anasazi Board Game Mayfair Games

In the 1880's, Richard Wetherill, a rancher and trader, became the first white man to explore the ruins left behind by the Ancestral Puebloans. He called these people "Anasazi," the term used by his Navajo friends. Hidden in sheltered plateaus deep in the southwest, archeologists and explorers were amazed by the wealth and durability of these long-abandoned cities.

Now you too can join in the exploration of these amazing and mysterious ruins! Guide the expeditions from their base camps towards the plateaus where the ruins of the Anasazi can be found. Use your smaller camps to learn more about the vanished peoples as you collect long-lost treasures. To win you must be crafty! The value of the treasures will not be known until the end of the game, and each player has a secret goal to reach!

Can you win fame and fortune among the ruins of the cliff dwellers, or will you be left behind in the dust of history?

• Players: 2-4
• Ages: 10+
• Playing Time: 30 min
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