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Pathfinder #24: The Final Wish

Pathfinder #24: The Final Wish

Pathfinder #24: The Final Wish
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Pathfinder #24: The Final Wish

Chapter 6: "The Final Wish"
by Rob McCreary

The heroes return to find that their sworn enemy, the efreeti prince Jhavhul, has inhabited the House of the Beast overlooking their home town from the heights of the woeful Pale Mountain. Their adopted village in ruins under the hateful watch of Jhavhul’s genie soldiers, the PCs must strike out to free their people from oppression and to strike down Jhavhul before he can unleash a monstrous scourge upon the world.

This volume of Pathfinder also includes a catalogue of the destructive Spawn of Rovagug, titanic creatures that have terrorized the world for centuries. From the great killer beetle whose chitinous shell still shades the city of Sothis to the legendary Tarrasque itself, the Rough Beast manipulates the world through his agents, and any who would seek to battle them (or use them in a campaign) will find the article invaluable. Wolfgang Baur returns with a survey of genie magic, and a short "set piece" bonus adventure explores an assault on a genie lair. New monsters and the sixth installment of New York Times best-seller Elaine Cunningham’s Pathfinder Journal round out the final installment of the most exciting adventure path yet!

For characters of 13th to 15th level.

Pathfinder Adventure Path is Paizo Publishing's monthly 96-page, perfect-bound, full-color softcover book printed on high-quality paper. It contains an in-depth Adventure Path scenario, stats for about a half-dozen new monsters, and several support articles meant to give Game Masters additional material to expand their campaign. Because Pathfinder uses the Open Game License, it is 100% compatible with the 3.5 edition of the world's most popular fantasy roleplaying game.

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