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Dogstar Games Presents the Following Game Companies


12 to Midnight [TWL]
3AM Games [3AM]
93 Games Studios [93G]
  Academy Games (AYG)
Adept Press [ADP]
Adrenaline Games [ADR]
Advanced Primate Entertainment [APE]
Aethereal Forge [AFON]
Agman Games [AGZ]
Alderac Entertainment Group [ALD]
Alien Menace Games [ANM]
A-List Global Media LLC [ALM]
Amarillo Design Bureau [ADB]
Amigo-Spiele [ASI]
Arcadiam Games [ADM]
Army Painter [AMY]
Art of Conversation, The [AOC]
Asmodee Editions [ASM]
ASSA Games [AGG]
Atarashi Games [AAH]
Atlas Games [ATG]
Atomic Overmind Press [AOP]
Avalanche Press [APL]
Avalon Hill [WOC]
Bandai [BAN]
BC Games [BCM]
BCW Diversified [BCW]
Bent Castle Workshop [BWS]
Big Finger Games [BFN]
Black Library Publishing [BKI]
Blackclaw Games [BCG]
BlackWyrm Games [BWG]
Blue Orange Games [BLG]
Blue Panther [BPN]
Board 2 Pieces [BTP]
Bonfit America [BFA]
Bottled Imp Games [BIP]
Braincog, Inc [COG]
Bucephalus Games [BGL]
Buffalo Games [BUF]
Burning Wheel / No Press [GHQ]
Cactus Game Design [CGD]
Café Games Unlimited [CGL]
Cambridge Games Factory [CGF]
Card Sports & Entertainment [CSE]
Catalyst Game Labs [CYT]
CCP Games {CCP}
Chaosium, Inc. [CAO]
Cheapass Games [CAG]
Cheese Weasel Logistics [CHW]
Chessex Manufacturing [CHX]
Choose Games [CGL]
Clash of Arms Games [COA]
Code Monkey Publishing [CMP]
Cold Creek Publishing [CKP]
Comfy Chair Games [CFY]
Creative Whack Company [CWC]
Cross Cut Games [XCG]
Cubicle Design [CDN]
D’Avekki Studios [DVS]
Dan Verssen Games [DV1]
Dark Age Games [DAG]
Dark City Games [DKG]
Darkson Designs [DKD]
Days of Wonder [DOW]
Dead Gentlemen Productions [DGP]
Decision Games [DCGA]
Devir U.S. LLC [DVR]
Discovery Bay Games [DBY]
Do Gooder Press [DGP]
Dork Storm Press [DSP]
Eden Studios [EDN]
Educational Insights [EDI]
Elfin Enterprises [ELF]
EOS Press [EOS]
Evil Minions [EVM]
Excalibre Games [EXC]
Exile Game Studio [EGS]
Expeditious Retreat Press [XRP]
Eye Level Entertainment [EYE]
Face 2 Face Games [F2F]
Fantasy Flight Games [FFG]
Fantasy Productions [FPR]
Fantization Miniatures [FZM]
Fat Dragon Games [FDG]
Fiery Dragon Publications [FDP]
Final Sword Productions/Ad Astra [FSW]
Firefight Games [FFI]
Firefly Games [FGS]
Fluid Entertainment [FLD]
Flying Buffalo [FBI]
Flying Frog Productions [FYF]
Fun –At-Home Games [FAH]
Fun Factory Games [FAC]
Funstreet Inc [FSG]
Gale Force Nine [GF9] – Some items
Galileo Games [GGI]
Gallant Hand Gamer’s Gear [GHG]
Games Source International [GSO]
Games Workshop [GAW]
Giant in the Playground [GIP]
GiftTrap [GFT]
GMT Games [GMT]
Goldbrick Games [GBG]

Golden Laurel Entertainment [GLE]

  Goliath Games [GTH]__________________________

Gontza Games [GZA]
Goodman Games [GMG]
Gorilla Games [OOC]
Green Faery Games [GNF]
Green Ronin Press [GRR]
Grey Ghost Press [GGG]
Greymalkin Designs [GMD]
Gryphon Forge LLC [GFF]
GT Squared Fun & Games [GT2]
Gut Bustin’ Games [GUT]
Harcos, Inc. [HCS]
Hasbro [HAS] – NPI
Heat of Battle [HBA]
Hero Games [DOJ]
Hidden City Games [HCG]
Highlander TCG [LMG]
Human Head Studios [HHS]
Hyperion [HYP]
Impressions Advertising [IAM]
Intellinitiative [ITG]
Iron Crown Enterprises [ICE]
Iron Wind Metals [IWM]
Issaries, Inc. [ISS]
J-Way [JWA]
Kenzer and Company [K+C]
Key 20 Publishing [KYP]
Khepera Publishing [KHP]
King of the Castle Games [KCG]

KMC Sleeves [KMC]

Konami Digital Entertainment [KOI]
Koplow Games [KOP]
Kraken Editions [KKN]
Krause Publications [SRY]
L2 Design Group [LDG]
Le Montagnard [LMG]
Live Oak Games [LOG]
Living Room Games [LRG]
Lock N Load Publishing [LLP]
Lone Wolf Development [LWD]
Looney Labs [LOO]
Lost Adept Distractions [LAD]
Malhavoc Press [MAL]
Margaret Weis Productions [MWP]
Matrix Games [MXG]
Mattel [MTT] –NPI
Matter Group, LLC [MTR]
Max Protection [MAX]
Mayday Games [MYY]
Mayfair Games [MFG]
McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds [MNL]
Midnight Syndicate [MSY]
Mindstorm Labs [MSL]
Mindtwister USA [MTW]
Mindware [MWR]
Miniature Building Authority [MBA]
Mongoose Publishing [MGP]
Multi-Man Publishing [MUM]
Mythopea Games [MYP]
NBOS Software [NBO]
Nested Egg Gaming Supplies [EGG]
Noble Miniatures [NBL]
North Star Games [NSG]
OffWorld Designs [OWD]
On the Line Games Company [OTL]
One Eye Productions [OEP]
One Small Step [OSS]
Open Mind Games [OMS]
Osprey Publishing [OSP]
Otherworld Creations [OWC]
Out of the Box Games [OBG]
Pagan Publishing [PAG]
Painter Products, LLC [PNP]
Paizo Publishing [PAI]
Palladium Books [PLB]
Paradigm Concepts [PCI]
Patch Products [PTH]
Pegasus Hobbies [PEGH]
Pegasus Press [PGU]
Pelgrane Press [PEL]
Peryton Publishing [PYN]
Phalanx Games [PHA]
Playoff/Score [PLO]
Playroom Entertainment [PLE]
Pokemon USA [PKU]
Privateer Press [PIP]
ProFantasy Software [PFS]
Psychobilly Games [ORB]
Pywacket [PYW]
Q-Workshop [QWO]
R&R Games [RRG]
R. Talsorian Games [RTG]
Rackham [RKH]
Ramshead Publishing [RMH]
Reality Blurs [REB]
Reaper Miniatures [REM]
Red Juggernaut [RDJ]
Reiver Games [RVG]
Relentless Publishing [RPU]
Rio Grande Games [RIO]
Rogue Games [RGG]
Rook Steel Storage [RKS]
Rubbing Hands [RHD]
Sabol Designs [SBL]
Sanguine Press [SGP]
Scrye Magazine [SRY]
Scum Crew Pictures [SCU]
Set Enterprises [SET]
Seventh Circle Games [SCG]
SFR Inc. [SFR]
Shadowstar Games [SWS]
Shard Studios [SST]
Sherco Games [SHG]
Shifting Skies Games [SSG]
Silver Fox Productions [RAF]
Skirmisher Publishing [SKP]
SlugFest Games [SFG]
Smirk & Dagger [SD]
Spartans Unleashed [SNL]
SS Designs [SSD]
Steel Sqwire [SQW]
Steve Jackson Games [SJG]
Studio 2 Publishing [S2P]
Studio 9 Games [S9G]
Synelix Games [SYG]
T.O.G. Entertainment [TGE]
TC Digital [TCC]
Team Components/Smartzone [TCI]
Temple Games
TerrorBull Games
The CaBil [CIL]
Third Eye Games [3EG]
Third World Games [3WG]
Titanic Games [TGL]
Toy Vault [TYV]
Troll Lord Games [TLG]
Tropical Games [TRP]
Twilight Creations [TLC]
Ultra Pro/Rembrandt [RBT] – Net Pricing
University Games [UNV]

Upper Deck [UPR]

US Game Systems [USG]
USAopoly [USO]
Vallejo Paint [VJP]
Valley Games [VLY]
Vanished Planet Games [VPG]
War Torn Worlds [WTW]
Warfrog [WFG]
Wargame Factory [WGF]
Warhammer Historical Wargames [WHW]
Warlord Games [WRL]
Warpstone Magazine [WFP]
Wattsalpoag [WAP]
Weekend Farmer Co, The [WFC]
West End Games [WEG]
White Silver Publishing [WSP]
White Wolf Publishing [WWP]
Wiggity Bang Games [WBG]
Willow Tree Games [WIL]
Winning Moves [WNM]
Wizards of the Coast [WOC, WTC, TSR]
Wood Expressions [WEX]
Word Blur [WBL]
XI Media [XIM]
Xombie [XMB]
Your Move Games [YMG]
Zap-a-Gap [ZAP]
Zeitgeist Games [ZTG]
Zipwhaa [ZIP]
Z-Man Games [ZMG]
Zygote Games [ZYG]


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