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Dark Heresy RPG

Role Playing in the Warhammer 40,000 universe!  These books are LAVISH, and BEAUTIFUL.  The game is one of the best we have EVER seen.  This is a great product.   NOTE: These are the updated versions of these books from Fantasy Flight Games.  They are not the older versions.  Repeat: They are the NEW PRINTINGS of these books.

FREE SHIPPING on all these books!  This is a GREAT value!

Tattered FatesTattered FatesFREE SHIPPING - Something terrible stirs upon the pleasure planet of Quaddis.
Dark HeresyDark HeresyFREE SHIPPING You are an Acolyte in the service of the Emperors’ Inquisition. You stand in the front line of a great and secret war where your duty is to hunt out the foul stench of heresy, the vile alien, and the twisted influence of Chaos. You will tread where others fear, venturing to distant planets, ancient space hulks and the unsavoury depths of the under-hive.
Dark Heresy Creatures AnathemaDark Heresy Creatures AnathemaFREE SHIPPING Creatures Anathema is a bestiary of enemies for your characters to face. Each monster is fully detailed and described, including plot hooks that make it simple to place each challenge into an existing game, or to build a story around a particular creature. In addition, Creatures Anathema contains rules for new, exotic alien gear and some new player character options.
Game Master's KitGame Master's KitFREE SHIPPING The Essential GM's Reference
Purge the UncleanPurge the UncleanFREE SHIPPING A Trilogy of Mystery, Action and Horror!
Disciples of the Dark GodsDisciples of the Dark GodsFREE SHIPPING A collection of Cults, Secrets, and Conspiracies
Dark Heresy: Radical's HandbookDark Heresy: Radical's HandbookThe most extreme and zealous Inquisitors of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, the Radical factions, walk a dark and dangerous path. Now, you and your acolytes can walk among, or against them, with the knowledge contained in the latest sourcebook: The Radical’s Handbook. From the mysterious Ragged Oracle of Seedworld AFG-218 to the horrors of the Maletek Stalker, The Radical’s Handbook contains a wealth of background information and game mechanics to enrich your Dark Heresy campaign.
Dark Heresy:Haarlock's Legacy Volume 2—Damned CitiesDark Heresy:Haarlock's Legacy Volume 2—Damned CitiesFREE SHIPPING - The Haarlock's Legacy Trilogy is a series of epic adventures that will determine the fate of the Calixis Sector. Terrible threats stir amongst the worlds visited by the mysterious Rogue Trader line of Haarlock. What has been left behind threatens everything the Inquisition has worked for in the Calixis Sector. Will your Acolytes be able to discover the secret of the Haarlock's Legacy in time?
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