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Space Marine Army Categories

Complete Space Marines Army List
Assault Marine SergeantFREE SHIPPING -
Black Templars CodexFREE SHIPPING - This 64-page Warhammer 40,000 Codex contains all the rules you'll need to field a Black Templar army, as well as detailed background information, bestiary, accompanying artwork and 'Eavy Metal showcase.
Dark Angel Bike SquadronFREE SHIPPING -
Dark Angel CodexFREE SHIPPING -A Space marine is a towering warrior, whose brute strength is tempered by inhuman skill. Armed with a fearsome bolter, protected by a suit of power armour and the product of intense training and genetic manipulation, he is far beyond a mortal man.
Dark Angel Company MasterFREE SHIPPING -
Dark Angel VeteransFREE SHIPPING -
Forgefather Vulkan He’stanForgefather Vulkan He’stanFREE SHIPING - This blister contains one finely-detailed metal Vulkan He'stan. Model supplied with a 25mm round base.
GK - Space Marine DreadnoughtFREE SHIPPING -Standing three times the height of a man, these towering war machines bare powerful weapons and are as lethal at range as in close assault.
GK - Space Marine Land RaiderFREE SHIPPING -The Landraider is the single most destructive weapon in the Adeptus Astartes' arsenal. Protected by bonded ceramite and adamantium armour, the Landraider is impervious to all bar the most destructive weaponry.
GK - Space Marine Land Raider Crusader/RedeemerFREE SHIPPING - A linebreaker without peer, the Land Raider Crusader can smash through enemy formations, disgorging Space Marine assault troops into the heartof the enemy position.
GK - Space Marine RazorbackGK - Space Marine RazorbackFREE SHIPPING -The Razorback is heavily armed variant of the Rhino troop transport that sacrifices a portion of its transport capacity for turret-mounted armament, normally a twin-linked lascannon or heavy bolter.
GK - Space Marine Rhino TransportGK - Space Marine Rhino TransportFREE SHIPPING -Rhino armoured troop carriers are the mainstay of every Space Marine Chapter's vehicle pool.
Kayvaan Shrike, Captain of the Raven Guard - DirectFREE SHIPPING - Captain Shrike strikes from the darkness. Fast and lethal, by the time the foes can react it is to late and darkness is all that remains.
Kor’sarro KhanKor’sarro KhanFREE SHIPING - This contains one finely-detailed metal Kor'sarro Khan. Model supplied with a 25mm round base
Librarian in Terminator ArmorFREE SHIPPING -
Marneus Calgar and Honour GuardFREE SHIPPING - This box set contains Marneus Calgar and 4 Honour Guard including a Standard Bearer and Chapter Champion.
SM Ultramaries Capt SicarFREE SHIPPING -
SM Veterans MkII 2007FREE SHIPPING -
Space Marine Vanguard Veteran SquadFREE SHIPPING -
Space Marine Assault SquadFREE SHIPPING -Assault squad’s strike hard and fast. Their jump packs allow them to rapidly close with the enemy...
Space Marine Attack BikeFREE SHIPPING -Space Marine Bike squads carry out fast-moving assault missions. Attacking at incredible speeds, they use surprise and momentum to punch holes in the enemy formation, accelerating away as the enemy recovers his wits.
Space Marine BattleForceFREE SHIPPING -Whether you are starting a Space Marine army or bolstering an existing one, the Space Marine Battleforce is a great way to get hold of a solid selection of Troop and Fast attack unit choices.
Space Marine BikeFREE SHIPPING -When part of a larger battleforce the bikes' speed and power gives the Space Marine Commander a fast, hard-hitting punch to his attack.
Space Marine Bike SquadFREE SHIPPING -
Space Marine Chaplain on BikeFREE SHIPPING -As Chaplains always do their utmost to inspire their fellow space Marines they often go into battle riding a Space Marine bike.
Space Marine ChaplainsFREE SHIPPING -
Space Marine Chapter MastersFREE SHIPPING - This box set contains four Space Marine Masters of the Chapter, including: the Master of the Recruits, the Master of the Arsenal, the Master of the Fleet and the Master of the Watch.
Space Marine CodexFREE SHIPPING -
Space Marine Combat SquadFREE SHIPPING -
Space Marine Command SquadFREE SHIPPING -Command squads accompany high-ranking Space Marine officers on the field of battle. Most Captains fill their retinues with Space Marines in whom the bloody skills of combat are matched by a tactical and strategic brilliance.
Space Marine CommanderFREE SHIPPING -A Captain leads each of then ten Companies of a Space Marine Chapter. They are second in experience only to the Chapter Master and each is a warrior so deadly that he will rarely meet his match. Each Captain is an inspirational and determined leader, able to coordinate the Space Marines under his command whatever the opposition.
Space Marine Crimson Fists Pedro KaFREE SHIPPING -
Space Marine Devastator SquadFREE SHIPPING -Devastators are the most heavily armed of all Space Marine squads, trained to assail the enemy from great distance and with overwhelming firepower.
Space Marine Drop PodSpace Marine Drop PodFREE SHIPPING -The Space Marines are known as the Angels of Death, and the title is never more appropriate than when they attack using Drop Pods. Drop Pod assaults are the ultimate weapon of terror and surprise, aimed right at the heart of the foe.
Space Marine Ironclad DreadnoughtFREE SHIPPING - As well as arm options, the kit provides plenty of other components and accessories; everything from searchlights, smoke launchers, two hunter-killer missiles and Ironclad assault launchers.
Space Marine Jump Pack ChaplainFREE SHIPPING -
Space Marine Land SpeederFREE SHIPPING - Land Speeders use a repulsion plate to skim a planet's gravitational field...
Space Marine Land Speeder StormSpace Marine Land Speeder StormFREE SHIPPING - The Land Speeder Storm is designed to transport Space Marine Scouts deep into a battlezone, using speed and stealth to drop a small Scout squad behind enemy lines. The new plastic kit features a heavily altered Land Speeder chassis, a crew of six Space Marine Scouts, and a variety of weapon options.
Space Marine LibrariansFREE SHIPPING -
Space Marine Predator TankFREE SHIPPING -The Predator is the main battle tank of the Space Marines. Based upon the Rhino chassis, the Predator sacrifices transport capacity for improved frontal armour and heavy turret-mounted armament.
Space Marine Rhino TransportFREE SHIPPING -Rhino armoured troop carriers are the mainstay of every Space Marine Chapter's vehicle pool.
Space Marine Scout BikeFREE SHIPPING -
Space Marine Scout Sergeant TelionFREE SHIPPING -
Space Marine ScoutsFREE SHIPPING -
Space Marine Scouts With Sniper RiflesFREE SHIPPING -Scout squads are the vanguard of a Space Marine army. Infiltrating behind enemy lines they sow disruption and secure vital strongpoints.
Space Marine SpearheadFREE SHIPPING -
Space Marine Sternguard Veteran SquadFREE SHIPPING -
Space Marine Strike ForceFREE SHIPPING -
Space Marine Tactical SquadFREE SHIPPING -Tactical squads are the most numerous in a chapter and form the backbone of a fighting force. As their name suggests they are highly flexible having the tactical adaptability to deal with virtually any foe.
Space Marine Techmarine & ServitorsFREE SHIPPING - Ancient pacts sworn between the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Adeptus Astartes allow the Space Marines to send those warriors with an affinity for technology to Mars to train and begin the long, arduous journey of becoming a priest of the Machine God. Without the passing on of such ancient lore, the Space Marines would be unable to make war.
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