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The mist-shrouded lands of Bretonnia lie to the west of the Empire, on the other side of the Grey Mountains. Bretonnia is a feudal land, its many peasants ruled by their noble overlords. When war threatens, it falls to every Bretonnian noble to muster his peasants for battle, don his armour and ride. So does the army of Bretonnia march to war. 

The Bretonnian army is formed around a core of brave knights and chivalrous heroes, accompanied by a mass of peasantry on foot. Arrayed for battle, each knight adorned in his own heraldic colours and their feudal servants donning the colours of their liege, the Bretonnians present a brightly coloured panoply. 

The Bretonnian army seeks victory by riding down the foe, crushing all those foolish enough to stand in the way of their charging knights. On the field of battle the knights are supported by huge blocks of peasant infantry, who unleash hails of arrows, man the scant Bretonnian artillery or lend their weight of numbers to the press. Fervant faith in the Lady of the Lake protects the army from harm, for their prayers seem to afford a magical shield over the noble warriors.

What is a Bretonnian army like to play with?
When a Bretonnian army musters for battle, its sole aim is to ride down the foe, using its knights to crush all who dare stand in their way. A Bretonnian general has an unparalleled heavy cavalry force at his disposal, backed by massed ranks of peasants whose role is to support the knights by peppering the foe with arrows and crew mighty trebuchets.

For more information on Bretonnia and their armies, check out this article on the Games Worrkshop website: BRETONNIA

If you want to field an army of noble chivalrous knights, then the Bretonnians are for you.  To start building a Bretonnian Army you will need the Army Book: Bretonnia, which has all the history, rules and armies for building a Bretonnian army.  After that we recommend starting with the Bretonnian Battalion, which gives you a good starting base for your army.  After that you can fill in the rest of your army from our selection of boxed sets and blisters which are featured below!  

Bretonnia Army Categories

Complete List of Bretonnia Army Boxed Sets and Blisters

Bretonnia Pegasus KnightBretonnia Pegasus KnightFREE SHIPPING - This boxed set contains 1 multi-part Pegasus Knight.
Bretonnia Questing KnightsBretonnia Questing KnightsFREE SHIPPING -This boxed set contains 5 metal Questing Knights and includes a Champion, Standard Bearer and Musician.
Bretonnian Field TrebuchetBretonnian Field TrebuchetFREE SHIPPING -This boxed set contains 1 metal Field Trebuchet and crew.
Bretonnian Hero on Pegasus ATOBretonnian Hero on Pegasus ATOFREE SHIPING - This set contains 1 metal Bretonnian Hero on Pegasus
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