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Goliath Games

In 1978 a man named Adi Golad was about to make his parents proud. He was in college and although he was not going to be the lawyer or physician his parents had hoped for, he was at least going to be a mechanical engineer. Well at least that was the plan before he discovered two things he loved. The most important was a Dutch woman named Margareeth and the second was the love of board games.

To make a long story short, he ditched his career in mechanical engineering, followed his girlfriend to Holland and began to sell games out of the trunk of his car. Adiʼs business did not have the easiest beginning. He wasnʼt selling any games and had used up all of his savings. Margareethʼs parents soon had a new house guest and he had to sell the car he was using to peddle his games and start selling on foot.

Adi was determined however, and using a grass roots marketing strategy including demonstrations, public relations, and viral marketing he built one of the most successful toy companies in Europe. He has an unrivaled track record of creating blockbuster games. For instance, in one year he sold 600,000 units of one board game in the small country of the Netherlands, which I believe is the best performance of a game in history.

The games on this website are the best of the best of his creations and have been brought to America for the first time. I hope you enjoy playing them.

StixxStixxFREE SHIPPING - Stixx is an exciting and colorful family game of strategy and bluffing.
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