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Our Mission

Our Mission is to produce high quality family board games so that we can play around all the time. Fun games. Challenging games. Big games, little games, games that climb on rocks... (Oh wait, that's something else...) Anyway, that's our mission.

Our History

The legend of R&R Games, Inc. began with an idea to provide a fun forum for gatherings of friends and families. With a treasure hunt theme in mind,  Mr. Frank DiLorenzo created an investigation and exploration pursuit experience that could be played in any home. His game, Riddles & Riches, was so well received, he was encouraged to pursue his lifelong aspiration to design, invent and create games on a full-time basis. In 1996, DiLorenzo founded R&R Games, Inc. with Riddles and Riches as the premier product. The company grew following DiLorenzo's philosophy of designing and marketing high-quality, new and innovative games, alongside the creation of live, custom-made treasure hunts through a subsidiary division.

Based in Tampa, Florida, R&R Games is now a leading game publisher producing original games that provide a fun time for all ages. R&R's game line has garnered well over 30 national awards, evidence of its' commitment to quality fun. The company currently offers a very unique assortment of family and party games that includes such hits as PIGPILE!, TIME'S UP! and SMARTY PARTY. In 2005, R&R unveiled its' most imaginative creation to date, a toy and game called HIDE & SEEK SAFARI. Honored by NBC's today show and Parenting magazine as a Top Toy of the Year, this fun twist on the old hot and cold game has become one of the top selling items of the R&R brand.

The future for R&R Games include the continued expansion of the product line with the release of  two to four new products per year, and further growth of the R&R Games' Treasure Hunt subsidiary. The Treasure Hunt division embodies the basis of DiLorenzo's initial treasure hunt social gathering game idea. It operates with corporate tie-in promotions, travel agencies, hotel chains, resorts and cruise lines to develop personalized treasure hunt experiences and games for large scale and specific venues.

R&R's new releases continue to follow the company's strict quality and safety standards. With its multitude of award-winning titles, including TIME'S UP! with the prestigious MENSA Select Honor and virtually every game in the line on The Games Magazine Top 100 List, R&R has managed to establish itself as a recognized leader in the gaming industry. It has acquired a role model "success story" status for young, small toy companies, entrepreneurs and game inventors. And R&R prides itself on its' excellent customer service, striving to ensure that every customer is satisfied. But in the end, what R&R really stands for is simple...just have fun!

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