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Mutant Chronicles


The universe is run by various Megacorporations.  These entities are trying to push their boundaries of power to absolute extremes.  The world has turned into a vicious downward spiral.  Meanwhile an ancient evil has been awakened in the far reaches of our solar system.  The Dark Legion is now on a mission to eradicate every human alive.  The universe is under siege, and you must repel the demonic forces at all costs if you want to see another day.  This is a dark time for humanity, but they must band together if they wish to see another day.  The Dark Legion approaches and now is the time for the beacon of humanity to flood out this darkness.  Who will rise supreme?  Who will live forever in the pages of the Mutant Chronicles?

Mutant Chronicles is a 54mm miniatures game set in a dark Sci-Fi universe.  In Mutant Chronicles, numerous factions are vying for their footing in the galaxy, each for a different cause.  Will you take up arms with the Bauhaus megacorporation and help progress this industrial powerhouse, or will you side with Algeroth to eradicate the putrid humans?  Each faction has it's own strong/weak points that need to be considered before you pour your blood, sweat and tears into leading these brave soldiers.   

When you do decide which faction you'll fly the flag for, you now must make the most crucial decision in the game of Mutant Chronicles-who will you put in your army?  Building armies in Mutant Chronicles is quick and easy, but making the perfect one is the hardest part.  With the simple Bronze/Silver/Gold army system, you can whip up an army in no time at all!  But your army that you built in the beginning may not be the correct balance of power and tact to get you across the finish line in one piece.  So back to the drawing board.

When your soldiers are all geared up and ready to light up the battlefield, you must then decide how you will approach the battlefield.  Will you make a mad-dash-land-grab and attempt to swallow up as many Victory Zones as possible, or will you terrorize the killing grounds with your awesome arsenal and leave no man standing?  Or will you walk a fine line, combine the two, and play a balanced game of finesse and fury?  No one answer is right and this is where you step in.  How will you play Mutant Chronicles?  How will you crush your opposition?  How will you leave your mark on the battlefield? 

Because in Mutant Chronicles, you only have one option in the end...survival. 


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