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Hordes Primal MKII HardcoverHordes Primal MKII Hardcover
Hordes Primal MKII SoftcoverHordes Primal MKII Softcover

HORDES is set in the wilds of the Iron Kingdoms, an environment that combines the best of traditional fantasy with steam power and gunpowder. Across the realm, ancient rivalries among nations are exploding into all-out conflict, and the feral factions of HORDES have joined the fight, whether to preserve their ancient homelands or with an eye toward conquest.

In HORDES, players control enigmatic warlocks who harness the strength and fury of the savage warbeasts that stalk the dark places of the Iron Kingdoms. Through their unique link to these untamed creatures, warlocks are able to drive their ’beasts to unparalleled heights of destruction, making them more than a match for any steam-powered warjack.

Each warbeast is a vicious monster of flesh and bone mighty enough to rend muscle and steel alike. From the unflinching and ferocious trolls to the nightmarish and unnatural dragonspawn, warbeasts are dangerous creatures in any circumstance. Under the control of their warlock masters, they become nigh unstoppable.

HORDES focuses on battles between warlocks and the deadly forces they command. A game is fought with the powerful jaws and flesh-ripping talons of warbeasts as well as devastating spells wrought by the warlocks themselves. Only one side can emerge victorious from the carrion-scattered field of war!

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