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A Planeswalker has escaped from Worldwake and we need your help!

This Planeswalker has left clues scattered all around Earth—our plane!—in the form of pieces of his or her own Planeswalker card from Worldwake hidden in eight different WPN locations. Beginning Monday, December 14 and continuing for four days, we will post the latitude and longitude of two of the pieces each day. We encourage you to seek out the piece of the card and participate in the global jigsaw puzzle to put the card back together. Together, we can track down this Planeswalker!

Be sure to return every day starting Monday, December 14 and see if that day's pieces might be hidden in your neighborhood. And on Friday, 12/18 get together at your local WPN location and discuss the results (and, if all goes well, the complete Worldwake card) at Friday Night Magic. Good luck. Now go get that Planeswalker!

The Planeswalker has been found! The final pieces of the puzzle were found in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by John Paul Johnson and Corona, California, USA by Justin Phillips.



Thank you for participating in the hunt. Discuss this card and more at your local WPN location tonight at Friday Night Magic. And more Worldwake previews are coming to magicthegathering.com, starting on January 13!

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