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Feora Priestess of the Flame—2009 VersionFeora Priestess of the Flame—2009 VersionFREE SHIPPING
Feora, Priestess of the FlameFeora, Priestess of the Flame
Feora, Protector of the Flame EpicFeora, Protector of the Flame Epic
Grand Exemplar Kreoss EpicGrand Exemplar Kreoss Epic
Grand Scrutator SeveriusGrand Scrutator Severius
Harbinger of MenothHarbinger of Menoth
Hierarch Severius EpicHierarch Severius Epic
High Allegiant Amon Ad-RazaHigh Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza
High Executioner Reznik EpicHigh Executioner Reznik Epic
High Exemplar Kreoss (Variant)High Exemplar Kreoss (Variant)
High ReclaimerHigh Reclaimer
High Reclaimer 2010 VersionHigh Reclaimer 2010 VersionFREE SHIPPING
Protectorate of Menoth Plastic BattlegroupProtectorate of Menoth Plastic Battlegroup
Testament of MenothTestament of Menoth
Thyra, Flame of SorrowThyra, Flame of Sorrow
Vice Scrutator VindictusVice Scrutator Vindictus
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