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Games Workshop Online Policy


Games Workshop has a policy for all retailers who sell their products that we adhere to 100%.  Basically, they reserve all online sales with a shopping cart to themselves.  If you want to buy their products online, go to www.gamesworkshop.com.  However, we also sell their stuff, but in order to comply with the policy, we cannot A) use their product pictures and B) we cannot sell their new sealed in the box items electronically via a shopping cart.   Hence, our website includes all their products with either photos from own painted collection, or with a Red Warhammer 40k Template (shown below) .  Additionally it shows all their products as OUT OF STOCK.   They are NOT actually out of stock.  However, according to Games Workshop Policy, in order for us to sell you their new product we need you to jump through some hoops.  That means you need to email us at help@dogstargames.com or call us at 435-602-6853 with the products you want, and we will give you a quote for the items.  Generally, we sell their products at a discount, so for large orders, it's usually worth it to contact us for a quote.


I understand this seems weird and/or difficult to some of you.  But Games Workshop has a policy, and we adhere to it.  They ultimately want to A) Protect Brick & Mortar stores like ourselves who are the front line of the hobby, B) preserve the quality of online sales, C) preserve the use of their intellectual property (meaning their pictures), and D) reserve the profits of online sales for themselves.  


By following the path of emailing or phone calling us for a quote, we can save you money, albeit in a slightly different/difficult way.  For what it's worth, a lot of people order through us on the phone, and save a lot of money.  Others prefer to buy mail order from the GW website.  It's all good.  Whatever promotes the game is good for all of us who love to collect, paint, and play Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40k, and Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game.

We are a Direct Hobby store selling Games Workshop products, including Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40,000, and Lord of the Rings strategy battle game.  Email us at help@dogstargames.com or give us a call at 435-602-6853.


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