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ATO - Available To Order

You will notice that many Games Workshop products have the initials ATO after their title.  This means Available to Order.  Games Workshop divides all of their products into two categories.  The first category is called Trade, and is the most popular category.  Most stores only carry trade items.  These are the items we offer at 80% of MSRP with free shipping.  Available to Order products are rarer, and Games Workshop pays to warehouse them so we don't have to.  You can order these items off their website, or you can order them from us.  If you order them from us, what is the difference from Trade orders?  

1.  We don't get the same discount on these, so we don't offer the same discount.  We only sell ATO - Available to Order products at 90% of MSRP.

2.  We have to order these items.  Hence, because they aren't on the wall, they usually take longer to get to us, and then to you.  

On the Games Workshop website, and in their catalog, anything marked with the symbol below indicates an Available to Order item.  We include this same icon on items on the website.

As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to email us at help@dogstargames.com.  Thanks!


Available to Order

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