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Arcane Tempest Gun UnitArcane Tempest Gun Unit
Charger Light Warjack (Plastic)Charger Light Warjack (Plastic)
Cryx Defiler Bonejack (Plastic)Cryx Defiler Bonejack (Plastic)
Dawnguard Destor Thane Cavalry Solo (White Metal)Dawnguard Destor Thane Cavalry Solo (White Metal)
Flameguard Cleanser Officer Unit Attachment (White Metal)Flameguard Cleanser Officer Unit Attachment (White Metal)
Gorax (2011 Resculpt)Gorax (2011 Resculpt)
Gun CarriageGun CarriageA weapon platform that can deliver death and ruin to nearly any part of the battlefield, the Khador gun carriage is a rolling engine of destruction.
Heavy Rifle TeamHeavy Rifle Team
House Shyeel ArtificerHouse Shyeel Artificer
Repenter Light Warjack (Plastic)Repenter Light Warjack (Plastic)
Revenant Crew Rifleman Weapon AttachmentRevenant Crew Rifleman Weapon Attachment
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