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Korhill, Captain of the White Lions

Korhill, Captain of the White Lions

Korhill, Captain of the White Lions
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Korhill, Captain of the White Lions

Korhil has served his Lord, Phoenix King Finubar the Seafarer, with unfailing loyalty for many years, standing steadfastly beside him. Most notably during the Battle of Tor Achare where he saved Finubar's life, disembowling the Manticore ridden by Morech the Black.

This set contains 1 metal Korhil, Captain of the White Lions.

Mighty Korhil is best used as a 'tar pit' to hold up enemy units. March him in front of a powerful enemy unit (although not one with a character in it) and let them charge him. Korhil will strike first, which should stop anyone striking him back. Even if he loses the combat, his high leadership and Stubborn ability will enable him to hold the enemy in place almost indefinitely or until you decide to send another unit crashing into its flank.
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