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Caradryan, Captain of the Phoenix GuardCaradryan, Captain of the Phoenix GuardCaradryan, Captain of the Phoenix Guard - Marked by Asuryan as the Captain of the Phoenix Guard. Caradryan now leads the Phoenix Guard during times of peace and war, taking orders from no worldly master and appearing on the battlefield only by the will of Asuryan.
Eltharion on StormwingEltharion on StormwingFREE SHIPPING - Eltharion the Grim was one of the greatest of all Elven lords, the son of the noblest stock and a superb warrior. He is the only High Elf commander to launch a successful attack on the city of Naggarond itself, an action that earned him the lasting enmity of the Witch King.
High Elf BattalionHigh Elf BattalionFREE SHIPPING - This battalion boxed set provides a great selection of plastic models, and is an ideal way to start a High Elf army or bolster an existing army.
High Elves Army BookHigh Elves Army BookFREE SHIPPING -The High Elves were once the greatest race in the whole world and for their diminishing race to survive; they must possess an army of unequalled skill.
Korhill, Captain of the White LionsKorhill, Captain of the White LionsFREE SHIPPING - Korhil has served his Lord, Phoenix King Finubar the Seafarer, with unfailing loyalty for many years, standing steadfastly beside him. Most notably during the Battle of Tor Achare where he saved Finubar's life, disembowling the Manticore ridden by Morech the Black.
Prince Tyrion on MalhandirPrince Tyrion on MalhandirFREE SHIPPING - Prince Tyrion is the greatest living warrior of the High Elves. He is a descendant of the first Phoenix King, and some say, that he is in fact Aenarion reborn.
WFB: High Elf Alith Anar the SFREE SHIPPING -
WFB: High Elf Archer RegimentFREE SHIPPING -
WFB: High Elf Archmage & MageFREE SHIPPING -
WFB: High Elf Dragon PrinceFREE SHIPPING -
WFB: High Elf Dragon PrincesFREE SHIPPING -
WFB: High Elf DragonlordFREE SHIPPING -
WFB: High Elf Ellyrian ReaverFREE SHIPPING -
WFB: High Elf Phoenix Guard HeFREE SHIPPING -
WFB: High Elf Phoenix Guard ReFREE SHIPPING -
WFB: High Elf Prince & NobleFREE SHIPPING -
WFB: High Elf Repeater Bolt ThFREE SHIPPING -
WFB: High Elf Shadow WarriorsFREE SHIPPING -
WFB: High Elf Silver Helms RgmFREE SHIPPING -
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