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Prince Tyrion on Malhandir

Prince Tyrion on Malhandir

Prince Tyrion on Malhandir
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Prince Tyrion on Malhandir

Prince Tyrion is the greatest living warrior of the High Elves. He is a descendant of the first Phoenix King, and some say, that he is in fact Aenarion reborn.

This set contains 1 metal Prince Tyrion on Malhandir.

Tyrion is the greatest warrior in the High Elf army. His high movement makes him the fastest, non-flyer, in Warhammer. This allows him to pick his charges and hunt down key enemy units no matter where they might be. With strength 7 he is the hardest hitting Elf at your disposal. Tyrion will make short work of anything he's pitted against and nothing short of a cannon ball in the face will stop him. It's best to charge him headlong into the toughest, most dangerous unit your opponent has. Just be wary of units with lots of ranks as Tyrion can still be broken in combat.
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