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Imperial Bastion

Imperial Bastion

Imperial Bastion
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Imperial Bastion

Imperial Bastions are the mighty bulwarks of the Imperium’s planetary defences, brimming with heavy weapons and guarded by thick walls to shelter the troops within. The Imperial Bastion is a modular plastic kit by Colin Grayson, a sculptor with a great deal of experience when it comes to designing scenery products. The box set contains all the components needed to create a complete bastion, including an Icarus-pattern lascannon.

The bastions are fully modular, so by joining two or more kits together you can vary the height of your bastions, leading to more impressive set-ups. From a gaming perspective this has the advantage of providing more automated weapons and fire ports for squads sheltering inside.

The bastion has been designed to fit in with the rest of the Planetstrike terrain, but can easily be used as a basis for Chaos and xenos fortifications with a little imagination.
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