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Aegis Defence LineAegis Defence LineFREE SHIPPING - The Aegis Defence Line is the perfect kit for any defender to start building their perimeter defences. The kit comes with four double blast shield sections and four single blast shield sections that can be set up in a limitless array of configurations. Joined together they provide the defender with 28" of defence lines. Also included in the kit is a quad-gun emplacement, an interceptor weapon made up of four linked autocannons. The gun can be placed onto one of two differ
Basilica AdministratiumFREE SHIPPING -
Battlefield AccessoriesFREE SHIPPING -
BattlescapeBattlescapeFREE SHIPPING - Made of a crater-strewn copse of petrified trees and a wrecked, rusting Rhino, the new plastic Battlescape is another great piece of 40K terrain.
Fortress of RedemptionFortress of RedemptionFREE SHIPPING
Imperial BastionImperial BastionFREE SHIPPING - Imperial Bastions are the mighty bulwarks of the Imperium’s planetary defences, brimming with heavy weapons and guarded by thick walls to shelter the troops within. The Imperial Bastion is a modular plastic kit by Colin Grayson, a sculptor with a great deal of experience when it comes to designing scenery products. The box set contains all the components needed to create a complete bastion, including an Icarus-pattern lascannon.
Imperial SectorFREE SHIPPING -
Imperial StrongpointImperial StrongpointFREE SHIPPING - The Imperial Strongpoint is the ultimate set for creating a nigh-impenetrable defence set-up. This massive kit includes two Bastions, two Icarus lascannons, three Quad-guns, two comms relays, 12 double blast shield sections and 12 single blast shield sections. That’s an incredible 84" (over 6') of defence lines!
ManufactorumFREE SHIPPING -
Moonscape (Terrain)FREE SHIPPING -
Ork BarricadesFREE SHIPPING -
Sanctum ImperialisFREE SHIPPING -
Shrine of the AquilaShrine of the AquilaFREE SHIPPING - The Shrine of the Aquila was once a bastion of faith, but now only the ruined edifice still stands.
Skyshield Landing PadSkyshield Landing PadFREE SHIPPING - The Skyshield Landing Pad is not only an excellent addition to any scenery collection, but also plays a very active role in games of Planetstrike.
Urban Barricades and WallFREE SHIPPING -
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