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The Empire

The Empire is the largest and most powerful of the lands of men in the Old World, a mighty nation that stands as the bulwark against the many enemies of man. It is a land where magic, technology and the courage of mortal men rub shoulders, each an essential weapon in the war against the malign powers in the Warhammer world. The men of the Empire have none of the supernatural strength nor brutal upbringing of the Warriors of Chaos, nor do they boast the numberless ranks of the vile Skaven, the savage resilience of the green-skinned Orcs or uncanny agility of the High Elves. Rather, the men of the Empire rely upon their steel-forged armour, the potence of their wargear and unflinching faith in their warrior god, Sigmar.

On the tabletop, an Empire army is an impressive sight to behold, featuring ranks of brightly uniformed warriors, resplendent cavalry and powerful war machines. Not only does an Empire army present exciting opportunities for the keen modeller and painter, but a tactical treat for the aspiring Warhammer general. An Empire army used well is a match for any force, able to unleash potent spells and staggering firepower against its enemies. Even the Empire state troops, though weak individually, can match swords with the best the foe can offer, with their superior tactics and broad variety of wargear.

Elector Count Marius LeitdorfElector Count Marius LeitdorfFREE SHIPPING - wields the Averland Runefang, one of the most powerful magic weapons in the Old World and a symbol of his office as an Elector Count.
Empire ArchersEmpire ArchersFREE SHIPPING - Archers are amongst the most flexible of the infantry at an Empire General’s disposal.
Empire Army BookEmpire Army BookFREE SHIPPING -The lands of the Empire form the greatest realm in the Old World.
Empire Artillery Great Cannon / MortarEmpire Artillery Great Cannon / MortarFREE SHIPPING - The Imperial Gunnery School at Nuln is the biggest cannon foundry in the world.
Empire BattalionEmpire BattalionFREE SHIPPING - Battalion sets are a great way to start a brand new army, containing plastic Core and Special troops that form the basis of your embryonic force
Empire Captain with Hammer and PistolEmpire Captain with Hammer and PistolFREE SHIPPING - Encased in full plate armour and wielding a mighty warhammer and pistol, this metal model by Martin Footitt represents a hard-bitten Captain or General of the Empire for your Warhammer battles.
Empire Captain with Sword and ShieldEmpire Captain with Sword and ShieldFREE SHIPPING - Mike Anderson has created this metal figure of a stout Captain carrying a sword and shield, perfect for cutting down the foes of the Empire
Empire GreatswordsEmpire GreatswordsFREE SHIPPING - Clad in magnificent, gleaming suits of Dwarf-forged plate armour, only the bravest and most honourable soldiers are ever promoted to the ranks of the Greatswords.
Empire Knightly OrdersEmpire Knightly OrdersFREE SHIPPING -The sons of the Empire's nobility often choose to join one of the select brotherhoods of Knightly Orders. There are many such brotherhoods throughout the Empire.
Empire State HandgunnersEmpire State HandgunnersFREE SHIPPING -Empire armies often include large numbers of missile troops, armed with either Handguns or Crossbows.
Empire Steam TankEmpire Steam TankFREE SHIPPING - The Steam Tank is a terrifying, steam-powered war machine, embodying the ingenuity of the Imperial School of Engineering.
Uniforms & Heradry of the EmpireUniforms & Heradry of the EmpireFREE SHIPPING - This 72-page hardback book contains the colours, insignia and heraldic devices of the soldiers of the Empire
WFB: Empire Battle WizardsFREE SHIPPING -
WFB: Empire Detachment Box 200FREE SHIPPING -
WFB: Empire EngineersFREE SHIPPING -
WFB: Empire Flagelants WarbandFREE SHIPPING -
WFB: Empire General 2007FREE SHIPPING -
WFB: Empire Griffon Std BearerFREE SHIPPING -
WFB: Empire Grtswords CommandFREE SHIPPING -
WFB: Empire MilitiaFREE SHIPPING -
WFB: Empire Pistoliers 2007FREE SHIPPING -
WFB: Empire State Troops 2007FREE SHIPPING -
WFB: Empire Warrior PriestsFREE SHIPPING -
WFB: Engineer/Mechanical SteedFREE SHIPPING -
WFB: Helblaster Volley/HelstorFREE SHIPPING -
WFB: Karl Franz on GriffonFREE SHIPPING -
WFB: Ludwig ScharzhelmFREE SHIPPING -
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