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2004 (Traditional): New England (Überplay) 
2003 (Traditional): Dvonn (Rio Grande) 
2002 (Traditional): Evo (Eurogames-Descartes USA) 
2001 (Traditional): Aladdin’s Dragons (Rio Grande) 
2000 (Traditional): Torres (Rio Grande) 
1999 (Traditional): Fossil (Rio Grande)
1998 (Traditional): Quoridor (Great American Trading Co.)
1997 (Traditional): 25 Words or Less (Winning Moves) 

(Note: Beginning in December 1996, Games of the Year were designated with the date of the upcoming year. Thus, the 1995 Games of the Year appeared in December 1995 Games, but the 1997 Games of the Year appeared in December 1996 Games.)

1995 (Traditional): Sharp Shooters (Milton Bradley)
1994: Myst (Broderbund) 
1993: Inklings (Mattel)
1992: Pipeline (Playco Hawaii) 
1991: Trumpet (International Games)
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