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Tyranid LictorTyranid LictorFREE SHIPPING - Stalking in the shadows, Lictors rove ahead of the main Tyranid ground swarms, seeking out pockets of resistance and native lifeforms to be absorbed.
Tyranid PyrovoreTyranid PyrovoreThis set contains one seven-part, finely-detailed metal Tyranid Pyrovore. Model supplied with a 60mm round base.
Tyranid Hive GuardTyranid Hive GuardThis blister contains one finely-detailed metal Tyranid Hive Guard armed with Impaler cannon. Model supplied with a 40mm round base.
Tyranid VenomthropeTyranid VenomthropeThis blister contains one finely-detailed metal Venomthrope. Model supplied with a 40mm round base.
Tyranid ZoanthropeTyranid ZoanthropeFREE SHIPPING - Zoanthropes are perhaps the strangest of Tyranid creatures. They are powerful psykers that form living conduits for the focussed power of the hive mind. They drift across the battlefield to rain bolts of psychic power on the enemy.
Tyranid Deathleaper ATOTyranid Deathleaper ATOFREE SHIPPING -
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