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Tyranid CarnifexTyranid CarnifexFREE SHIPPING - The Carnifex is a living engine of destruction evolved for use in shock assaults, spaceship boarding actions and massed battles where it can smash through almost any obstacle, whether it is a defensive line or enemy tank. A Carnifex takes up a single Heavy Support choice, certain types of Carnifex can be taken as Elite choices.
Tyranid BiovoreTyranid BiovoreFREE SHIPPING - The Biovore nurtures a clutch of Spore Mines inside its own body and launches them by a powerful muscle spasm. Each Spore Mine is bio-engineered as a specific piece of ammo.
Tyranid Trygon / MawlocTyranid Trygon / MawlocFREE SHIPPING - This box set contains one large multi-part plastic miniature that can be assembled as either a Tyranid Trygon or Tyranid Mawloc.
Tyranid Old One Eye ATOTyranid Old One Eye ATOFREE SHIPPING -
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