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Colonel 'Iron Hand' StrakenFREE SHIPPING - Extensive bionics and an utter indifference to danger makes Straken an unshakeable and powerful presence on the battlefield. Straken inspires utter loyalty in his men – Juan Diaz’s metal miniature shows him leading the charge.
Gunnery Sergeant HarkerGunnery Sergeant HarkerFREE SHIPPING - Harker can advance blithely towards the enemy, firing all the while, before entering melee. The metal model by Juan Diaz shows this hulking Catachan wielding his heavy bolter, Payback, as if it were no heavier than a lasgun.
Imperial Guard Cadian Command SquadFREE SHIPPING -The Imperial Guard is a vast fighting formation and for its operations to go smoothly a substantial command structure is needed.
Imperial Guard Catachan Command SquadFREE SHIPPING - This box set contains five multi-part plastic Catachan Command Troopers.
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