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The First 4 items below ship June 18th, the second 4 items ship June 4th, 2011

Dark Eldar GrotesqueDark Eldar Grotesque
Dark Eldar haemonculusDark Eldar haemonculus
Dark Eldar Razorwing JetfighterDark Eldar Razorwing Jetfighter
Dark Eldar WracksDark Eldar Wracks
DE - BattleforceDE - Battleforce
DE - Dark Eldar ScourgesDE - Dark Eldar Scourges
DE - Dark Eldar Talos Pain / Cronos Parasite EngineDE - Dark Eldar Talos Pain / Cronos Parasite Engine
DE - Dark Eldar VenomDE - Dark Eldar Venom
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