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Dark Eldar

Welcome to the Dark Eldar section by Dogstar Games!

Inhabiting a realm called Commorragh, a place as dark and twisted as its rulers, the Dark Eldar launch piratical raids across the length and breadth of the galaxy. Their only purpose is to cause mayhem, steal, pillage and most importantly, to capture fresh victims to return home with. If any race could properly be called evil, it would be the Dark Elder. Devious, vain, and totally self-serving, they hold no respect for any living creature, not even themselves. Revelling in the pain and suffering they inflict, to be captured by them is a fate far worse than death.


Dark Eldar Army



Complete Dark Eldar

Army List

Dark Eldar Grotesque
Dark Eldar haemonculus
Dark Eldar Raider
Dark Eldar Razorwing Jetfighter
Dark Eldar Wracks
DE - Archon
DE - Battleforce
DE - Beastmaster
DE - Clawed Fiend
DE - Codex
DE - Dark Eldar Scourges
DE - Dark Eldar Talos Pain / Cronos Parasite Engine
DE - Dark Eldar Venom
DE - Drazhar, Master of Blades - ATOFREE SHIPPING
DE - Hellions
DE - Incubi
DE - Kabalite Warriors
DE - Khymera 1
DE - Khymera 2
DE - Lelith Hesperax
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